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Car Trunk opening Service:

If you have locked your car keys inside trunk, then no matter how strongly you feel that you can just open it, you have to hold yourself. Trunk locks may seem very simple and easily accessible but actually require a professional car locksmith along with his advanced tools to get through it. We at Locksmith New York are knowledgeable in both. Car trunk locks are one of the most common complaints which we get and are always ready to produce results in the minimum time and cost. Ahead of our competitors, we open the trunk locks with urgent response and without any damage to lock.

Extracting Car Keys:

Broken car key and flawed ignition are the results of normal deterioration of the car. If you forcefully insert the key in ignition to start the car, your key may break inside it and it will be really hard for you to get it back and if by any chance if you have it back, it will not be in working condition anyway. Here again the Locksmith New York is your destination to utilize the key extraction service. We retrieve broken keys and replace them with totally precise duplicate key. With this your key transponder can also be changed if it is broken.

Mobile Services:

Now if you need lock installation, lock repair, unlocking the lock, then you do not come to us, we come to you. Our mobile services are 24/7, 365 days a year and are send out right after your call. We are always on the go and will get you going in the minutes’ efforts even if you are in real lock troubles. Mobile services are one of the finest offers of Locksmith New York on the competitive rates in town.